Hi everyone! Thank you all so much for the wonderful and warm birthday wishes. You guys and gals have helped made my day awesome! I have decided the best way to express my gratitude is by giving a few gifts to you all. I am so happy to announce the “Callie’s Birthday Bash Giveaway!” This is my way of giving back and saying thank you to you all for your endless love and support!



My favorite three comments will be selected as winners.







Good luck and I cannot wait to see your guys’ comments!

I love you all!

<3 Callie <3



Thank you SO MUCH for all of you who participated. I thoroughly enjoyed reading each and every comment. You guys are awesome!


1st PLACE – John Chaney

2nd PLACE – Katie Ellgass

3rd PLACE – Jake Houghton

I will be emailing the winners shortly. Thank you all again for everyone who entered! <3 Callie <3


157 comments on “GIVEAWAY
  1. onyx62is says:

    If I win the Xbox One then you can add me as a friend on Xbox and we can play games together. Well, at least Halo. lol
    Kelly Felhaber

  2. Josh Bloom says:

    When they make a wonder woman game they should use you as the model and voice.

  3. Brian Howell says:

    Happy Birthday to the wonderful Wonder Woman, Callie Cosplay

  4. lftmcosplay says:

    I would love you even more if i won the xbox

  5. Happy Birthday, Callie! Many happy returns and many more years of amazing cosplay! 🙂 Do you have anything planned so far?

  6. Tuan Minh Nguyen says:

    Happy Birthday Callie! I hope we can play against or play as teams on new game Destiny on Xbox One! You’re amazing woman and did amazing job on cosplay.

    GT: PyroTech047
    We did added friends each other 🙂

  7. Daniel Richardson says:

    Here’s to hoping I have a shot at winning.

    You said to leave a game related comment, but I’m not quite sure what that means exactly, so I’m just gonna put what I’m playing currently, which is Borderlands 2. I’m having a great time playing it. Ton of fun just like the first. Gaige the Mechromancer is by far my favorite class so far, granted being the only one I’ve played she technically is by default, but whatever. Also, I killed Rakkman, so there’s that. lol

  8. Daniel Richardson says:

    Here’s to hoping I have a shot at winning.

    You said to leave a game related comment, but I’m not quite sure what that means exactly, so I’m just gonna put what I’m playing currently, which is Borderlands 2. I’m having a great time playing it. Ton of fun just like the first. Gaige the Mechromancer is by far my favorite class so far, granted being the only one I’ve played she technically is by default, but whatever. Also, I killed Rakkman, so there’s that. lol

    Daniel Richardson

    Forgot to put my name and e-mail in the last comment. Sorry.

  9. Vincent Treas says:

    I was would love to win an Xbox One! So many great games are coming out Destiny, Master Chief Collection, Sunset Overdrive, and Dragon Age Inquisition!! I hope I win!

  10. Corey Little says:

    I hope they make a Marvel Ultimate Alliance type game for the new systems.

    Corey Little

  11. Mark Dewhurst says:

    Bring your imp to work today!!

  12. Ian Howell says:

    I’m super excited about Reaper of Souls on console. Having it on Xbox one instead of 360 would be freaking amazing.

  13. William Tolick says:

    Hey Leah,
    Hope you had a fantastic birthday and that God has a “Mass Effect” on all your days to come

  14. Tristan says:

    Tristan Polly

    “What are you gonna do?” “Give the covenant back their bomb”-master chief

  15. Domenick says:

    Achievement unlocked! Another year older and more beautiful with every one! 😉 Hope you have an awesome Birthday.I never get tired of seeing what your working on and where your going!


  16. A girl with the loveliest eyes
    Who likes to dress up in disguise
    Is such a sweet dame.
    I’d sure like that game,
    But your prints are my favorite prize!

  17. “Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow?” (BioShock) And maybe an XBOX? Pretty please?

  18. Moises Castro-Delanoe says:

    Borderlands 2 Claptrap: There’s no stopping us now, minion! Together, we shall free Pandora! I will lead you into battle! I will destroy Handsome Jack with my bare hands! I will — STAIRS?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    I laughed at this really hard for a long time. Claptrap has a lot of good ones but this one got me 😀

    P.S. Happy Birthday Callie, keep doing what your doing! I’ll be frank, I love your Cosplays and your butt!

  19. Kevin Tseng says:

    I’m sure Commander Shepard would say “I’m Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite page on the internets.”

  20. Merce Rodriguez jr. says:

    Really excited for dragon age inquisition! Just curious have you ever done a morrigan cosplay? (From dragon age not darkstalkers. :p) I would love to win the xbox-one so that I could play some really awesome games like halo master chief collection and the next fable whenever they release it. But mainly I would want it to be able to play killer instinct with my best friend from high school. I kick his butt with chef thunder. Thanks and I love your birthday pics.

    Merce Rodriguez jr.

  21. Brock Dundas says:

    A game quote that always stuck with me.

    “You don’t need a reason to help people.”

    -Zidane Tribal, Final Fantasy IX

  22. Nathan Hyde says:

    Nathan Hyde

    I’m more of a Sony guy but I’ve always had a soft spot for Gears of War 🙂

  23. James Carroll says:

    “Wanna play a game”…I’m my best jigsaw voice

  24. Øyvind Herstad, Stangevegen 707, 2335 Stange, Norway says:

    I’m currently playing Assassins Creed Brotherhood, and i’m not sure if you have cosplayed an assassin, but i think you should <3

  25. Mike Frost says:

    Happy Birthday!!! Hope your day was right! Oh, I love games!!! Even more so, my son loves them (I can still whip him on Street Fighter though).

  26. David St-Pierre says:

    Callie, it’s time to kick some zombies ass!! Happy birthday to a marvelous girl!!!


  27. Christian Mogensen says:

    in the Dead of Space you’ll find the Mass Effect. with laser sights locked on target use the Force to build some epic Lego constructs. enter into the darkest Tomb but to be a true Raider you need an epic light source….a Lightsaber. if you were to encounter aliens and they are the Enemy Unknown you can use a BFG, just remember that radiation has a Half-Life Too. but enough of this put on your Leisure Suit and have a super great Birthday and always remember “La shai wak’ion motlaq bal kollon momken” =)

  28. Giuseppe says:

    It’s great that you went with the Xbox one. Just like Microsoft announced that they wanted the xbox to encompass every thing that was related to TV entertainment. You’re the ONE that brings comics to life. You’re costumes, photography, post…everything, Callie is the One.

  29. Russ says:

    I need an xbox one because I love the tomb raider reboot, beat the game 100%, found every object, every secret challenge, and Rise of the Tomb Raider is going to be an xbox exclusive, I have played and beaten every Tomb Raider game available on playstation 1-3, I would hate to miss what looks to be the best game of the series yet.

    Russ Gillette

  30. Clayton Cunningham says:

    Hi Callie I don’t have any xbox and would love to win one 🙂

  31. Jake Houghton says:

    Happy Birthday! I made you a Minecraft cake but… I accidentally punched a wolf which was sitting next to the tree I was gathering wood from and it resulted in me running across half of the map from this wolf and losing half my health! And then when I got away from the wolf and got back to my amazing and huge house (took me hours to build) I discovered it was destroyed by creepers and everything I worked for was gone in a second 🙁 so what im trying to say is… I ate your cake for health ;D (sorry) Jake Houghton

  32. Cristian Simental says:

    First off, happy belated birthday.
    Secondly,you look lovely this evening (as you always do)
    Third, I would be as happy as Kirby and Snorlax in a buffet if I could win any of the prizes listed

    Cristian Simental

    (P.S. I know this isn’t a letter, but isn’t it more fun to think so?)

  33. Marvin Jones Jr says:

    Hello Callie the most spectacular cosplayer all of time!
    Happy Birthday!! I hope I win this Xbox One so you and I can play each on Mass Effect or Halo. Again I would to thank you for the giving me the best time at the Tampa Bay Comic Con, you’re the best and awesome Wonder Woman ever! I hope you planning do some more photos of her including Black Cat. You’re so darn beautiful as Black Cat as well. Also I hope this new Mass Effect they are working on will be good because if it is going to be a prequel and there is no Commander Shepard they should make it worth the wait and purchase. Have a wonderful day Wonder Woman! 🙂


  34. James Frankklin says:

    Fantastic, hope you have a very wonderful birthday, and be careful to avoid arrows to the knee, and most important do not run into yourself or it’s game over. ^_^

  35. James Casas says:

    The next Injustice game should use your Wonder Woman cosplay as a reference. It’s on point.

    James Casas

  36. Jamaal A. Studmire says:

    Hey Callie!!:) I would LOVE to play any games with you on XBOX ONE! 😀 Its such a great honor for me to be your friend<3 and that is priceless! Im so proud of you for being the real life Wonder Woman that you are<3 i really want to game with you!<3 Keep up the great work,and you are such a perfect example of a great woman all around<3 Cheers to the most beautiful woman in the world! 😀 inside and out!!<3 now lets game:) xoxoxo

  37. Zachary Gray says:

    What did Mario use to talk to the boos? A LuWIGI board! haha 😀

    Zachary Gray

  38. Rj says:

    please do a morrigan cosplay, get some capcom love up in this deliciousness

  39. baka2xlr says:

    Wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday Callie, hope you enjoy your birthday to the fullest. I am a big fan of your work and I do hope I get to the chance to win one of these amazing prizes. That Xbox One would be so cool to have so I would have the chance to get Ttitanfall, Master Chief Collection, and Destiny for it.

    Ronald Prado

  40. Lewis Booth says:

    will they deliver to Arkham? thats where i’m staying . haha. ah well, best of luck everyone. And a happy belated birthday Callie.x

  41. Traditionally a PlayStation guy but a Callie Cosplay Co-Op is too good to pass up.

    Russel Washington


  42. nathaniel hughes says:


  43. you have really grown both as a person and as a cosplayer since i first started following you on fb back in 2012. In the past two years you have gone from a shy geeky girl with medical issues and about 2,000 fb fans, to a head strong successful business woman with a brand (over 68,000 + fb followers) , who’s costumes get better with each new outfit. Happy Birthday

  44. Jason says:

    Back in the days of Halo 3, I had a buddy that when he would play and kill an opponent he would say… “Want some flap jacks?”

    Keep the awesome poster/prints going. Someday I’d like to see you on my wall in my gaming room!

  45. Erik Heller says:

    Would like to play some Plants vs. Zombies with the kids! And I know they’ll love the cosplay photos!

  46. justin says:

    First…Happy Birthday Callie!

    Second… The ONLY game related comment I have is this: If we were playing together, you’d always be Player 1. 😀


  47. Scott says:

    Love the birthday shoot!
    I like big Balloons, I cannot lie!

  48. darkonii cosplayfan says:

    HI, I don’t have a xboxone and there are a few games I would like to play on it. Also Happy Birthday Callie Cosplay, I’m a fan of yours cosplay.

  49. Well first I’d like to say happy birthday! And that it was so awesome meeting you! You’re so nice! Um for the game related comment i loved the video game wet! I think Ruby is badass and I had it for the Xbox 360! I’d love to see you cosplay her one day! 🙂 Email:

  50. Pavel says:

    Я конечно не особо люблю XBOX ONE, и да я из Матушки России, но всё же мне бы хотелось пощупать Garden Warfare, потому что прошлую игру PvZ я прошёл от корки до корки. А ваш косплей Мисс Кэлли просто потрясающий)

  51. Aric Lamontagne says:

    Save me for I am in a hellish nightmare that I entered because of foolish curiosity. There is no end in site as it keeps me chained down from an exit that is mere inches away. Day after day, I go though the same cruel tortures. Please, save me from Animal Crossing: New Leaf!!!

  52. Joey DiCarlo says:

    It would be nice to win this Xbox One. My kids would have a freaking blast playing it, and me too.

  53. Jason Elmquist says:

    I own all the Halo games and am so sad that Halo 5 Guardians is only coming out on the Xbox One. Bet it will be awesome, along with the Master Chief Edition for the One with the first four games (with better graphics). “Die? Didn’t you know? Spartans never die!”
    -Jason Elmquist

  54. Anwar Garza says:

    I hope i win so i can play Halo Master Chief Edition

    Anwar Garza

  55. William Asbury says:

    Happy birthday, Callie! I hope you made it an epic one! You’ve always been one of my favorites. Your beauty and dedication to the craft is simply amazing! In fact, it’s cosplayers like you that have inspired me to return to pursuing my own dreams. While not relate to a specific game, my first project towards that dream is I’m creating a game-related web series. It’s about a secret group that protects the game industry and ensures that video games are always around for all of us to enjoy! Their means of going about it might seem extreme, but, we’d all do anything and everything to protect the things we love. I hope that, maybe someday, you could be a part of it. It’d be a lot of fun to work with you!

    Take care! Stay beautiful and awesome! <3

    William Asbury

  56. Alejandro León says:

    Well, first of all, if i mess it, i’m sorry (i’m not a native english speaker); Second, Happy Birthday!!; and third, i’m not sure what kind of gaming comment do you expect so i’ll write what comes to my mind: I really love 2 sagas: Assassin’s Creed and Metal Gear Solid, Why? you ask, i say: why not love them? They have interesting stories, great graphics, maybe not so simple controls, but simple enough to make the game work and still be fun, besides, they always look to get better each release.

    I’m trying to think of something funny to write, but i guess i’m blocked from such excitement…

    Maybe if you ever come to México, D.F., i can invite you some really nice and spicy food: tacos, gorditas, tlacoyos, etc.

    Long Live Callie!!
    ¡¡Saludos y abrazos desde México!!

    Alejandro León Marín

  57. Idris Aderoju says:

    If I win you can add me and I can nuke that ass in some cod 😉

  58. Thank you Mario! But our Princess is in another castle. Alfredo Camarena Jr.

  59. roger mckane says:

    Ok this is an idea for game play mostly shooters in mind. how many times do you get shot or stabbed from behind probably a decent amount .i want to add a look back button similar to racing games its actually more realistic also if you were in gun battle running around a map you would check your peripherals by turning your head.i hope i win because i want my idea to get attention also so i could give system to my lil bro who’s far from so we could play together happy b day and thanks for having this contest

  60. James Daniely says:

    Happy Birthday Callie Cosplay!

    My gaming comment brings up frustrating memories but it’s also well known by all gamers:

    “Thank you Mario…But our Princess is in another castle!”

    Keep doing what you do and live life to the fullest!

    James Daniely

  61. Luis Melendez says:

    Happy Bday Callie!!
    you are a great cosplayer/artist/model keep up the good work and “i would love to cosplay like you but… i took an arrow to the knee and left the idea behind 😛 ” i hope it makes u laugh 😀

  62. Austin Nieh says:

    Happy Birthday to you! I saw you at Wondercon in your Winter Soldier, next time i need to wear my Duct Tape Captain America so we can battle lol. As for the Xbox One, it’s obvious why i want one. Plants Vs Zombies GOTY 2014! (haha)

  63. Happy Bday Callie!!
    you are a great cosplayer/artist/model keep up the good work and “i would love to cosplay like you but… i took an arrow to the knee and left the idea behind 😛 ” i hope it makes u laugh 😀

  64. William Dickenson says:

    Happy birthday callie! I can’t wait to play assassin’s Creed unity on the one! Will Dickenson

  65. Tony Minella says:

    I’ve been playing Injustice quite a lot. Would be cool to make a Wonder Woman or Zatanna skin for those characters using your cosplay..

  66. mike donovan says:

    happy b day
    i would like to win the xbox one to be able to play diablo 111 reaper of souls with the witch doctor and dead island 2 with a new team they might have a good game there

  67. Sam Davis says:

    I know that I am not the only person who wants a Marvel: Ultimate Alliance video game featuring members of the Guardians of the Galaxy to be released.

  68. Gaming comment? Umm, where should I begin? The game most looking forward to would be Evolve or even Sunset Overdrive, Insomniac makes awesome games and feel right now they are getting overlooked with Destiny coming out right around the same time. Evolve is an interesting concept you can either play as the creatures or the people trying to take down the creatures. Plus 2015 will also be the launch of Halo 5 and somewhere down the road we will get a new Gears of War and hopefully Banjo Threeie since Microsoft owns Rareware now or even a reboot of Perfect Dark, by the way that might be a good cosplay for you Joanna Dark

    My email is


  69. Brian L says:

    Somebody needs to contact you about putting you into a game. You’re a beautiful model who needs to be immortalized.

  70. james anderson says:

    that xbox one is sweet but callie is sweeter
    james anderson

  71. I’m looking forward to destiny and dragon age coming out it would be cool to see ya do a cosplay from them

  72. Deborah Mackey says:

    I am working my way up into pro gaming. Aiming for MLG tourney next year! I so want this Xbox One. I am a HUGE Halo fan and I hear a new one is coming out! It was what started my gaming.

  73. Leigh says:

    “Hey cousin! Let’s go bowling!”

    Leigh Tatum

  74. Kevin Leo says:

    Happy Birthday Callie.
    My game quote is for either Ryu or Ken since they have the same move set.
    SHORYUKEN!!!! (Rising Dragon Fist)

  75. Jay Nielsen says:

    Happy birthday! You should totally do a cosplay of Isabella from “Dragon Age II”

    Jay Nielsen

  76. Michael Franke says:

    They are incorporating a lot of female Spartans into the halo universe. As far as that goes there are many possibilities to use that for armors with mods, battle torn versions, cloaking etc. there’s a lot that you could do with the great models of cortana as well using digital paints and graphics that you can use for beautiful poses and the like. Tons of ideas from a fellow artist and halo fanatic.

  77. Jean-sebastien Matte says:

    It would be great to have an xbox. I would have both world (ps4 and xbox) and would have more fun

  78. Randy C. says:

    Hey Callie! Happy birthday! Not really a big xbone fan, but I am a fan of yours, and plants vs zombies, so just be able to play that and see your prints would be great!(although seeing the prints alone would be amazing)

  79. Jason Enos says:

    My first games were PC games. I wrote a few simple games… But I never had a gaming console as a kid. My first gaming console? An XBOX original that I bought used while I was in college. Since then, I have been an XBOX fan, because some of my fondest memories in college were the nights playing original Halo, and bonding with my dorm mates.

    Jason Enos

  80. Just wondering, have you seen the dynasty warriors 8 female kitty costumes? You gotta check them out and maybe cosplay one? 😀 Also, Happy birthday! I hope you have a great one! 🙂

  81. First off happy birthday! As for game related comment dragon age and just about all of the newer Xbox games look like fun and I hope I can play them lol oooh u should totally do some of the newer Dragon Age cosplay ah I’d totally buy the pics especially if they’re poster sized lol

    Domenica Garcia

  82. Aubrey Noel says:

    With all the great games coming out within the next few months I’m gonna be crazy busy gaming! My favorites coming out are Batman Arkham Knight, Sunset Overdrive, and Halo Master Chief Collection!

    -Aubrey Noel

    PS. Happy late birthday! Miss you tons! Hope you’re at SC Comicon again next year! <3

  83. Dakota says:

    Bayonetta hasn’t got a thing on you looks-wise

    Dakota Snellgrove

  84. Jeffrey Lu says:

    Assassins creed and Callie is the illest.

  85. Adrian Miranda says:

    I want to win this Xbox and your prints sooooo bad!!!!!!!!! Love you!!!!

    Adrian Miranda:

  86. Jack Oliver says:

    Favorite quotes from Hitman Absolution
    “It’s not everyday I get to kill me a legend!” and “Go with God Motherf***er”
    -Lasandra Dixon
    Leader of The Saints, assassins dressed as nuns

    Jack Oliver

  87. Brent says:

    I will not eat them with a fox, I will not eat them with an “Xbox”, I will not eat them Sam I Am, I will not eat Green Eggs and Ham
    But to win this contest is my “Destiny”

  88. Matthew Rankin says:

    Love your work Callie, as for a game comment, i love to play video games everything from mobile games to console games and computer games, just remember “Nothing is true, everything is permitted.”, and wining any prize would be amazing. Good luck to everyone.

  89. scott pero says:

    I see you doing a killer Destiny cosplay……

  90. David says:

    I am usually the funny guy that whips up a good joke, but I have absolutely nothing for games. That’s probably because I haven’t had a console since I slung newspapers for my PS2. If I get this, though, I will come up with a ton of terrible puns and jokes that will make you roll your eyes and cringe a bit.

    David Cunningham

  91. Kristian Kapty says:

    Would love to play the new Dragon Age Inquisition on Xbox one with you Callie! Maybe give you an idea to cosplay the Inquisitor.

  92. Sierra Pando says:

    I love Bioshock Infinite, I believe you could be an amazing Elizabeth! Bring us the girl, Wipe away the debt!

  93. Trista Pilgrim says:

    Stay a while, and listen…’s Callie’s Birthday!!!

    Trista Pilgrim

  94. Lauro.V. says:

    Happy belated birthday Callie! You are a beautiful cosplay model.lets play some first person shooter games like Battlefield 🙂

  95. Lauro.V. says:

    I better post again I didn’t put my email in the comment.LOL I’m Happy Belated birthday Callie! I hope you got everything you wished are a beautiful cosplay and my friends love your pictures.lets play first person shooter games together or in squads like Battlefield,COD 🙂

  96. jason price says:

    ITSA ME MARIO!!!!sorry but your Callie cosplay is in another castle.

  97. David Blunt says:

    Which system do you prefer? I’m an X-Box guy, but I really wish they would start porting games back and forth between PS and Xbox so the fans would be the true winners.

  98. Richard Brink says:

    It’s time to kiss Callie’s ass and chew bubblegum…..and I’m all outta gum!

  99. John Lupkes says:

    Under UNSC orders, this spartan orders you to surrender the 1st prize!

  100. Mark Row says:

    Hey Callie

    I reckon that for in game characters that are cosplayed, they should be modeled after the cosplayer that does it the best. I reckon in that regard, whenever Wonder Woman appears in a game, you should be the model. You have done the best WW cosplay I have seen, and deserve to be in a game for it 🙂

  101. Clayton Cunningham says:

    Hi Callie I have never owned a Xbox I would love to Win one tho I do love my Pc just don’t have a lot of games to play and no one to play Video games with 🙁

  102. Andrew Stevenson says:

    maybe one day our destinies will meet. probably in a few weeks haha. 😛 (by the way i don’t need first prize, i have an xbox one)

  103. Ricardo Larraín says:

    Callie very happy birthday, I hope you’ve enjoyed with your most loved people, if you win one of your prizes would expect it to be as the xbox one could enjoy with my cousins ​​who are far away.

    Ricardo Larrain A.

  104. Paolo Faieta says:

    Looking forward to the D3 RoS patch (2.1)!

  105. Anthony Wyatt says:

    Titan is ready for drop, if I win I’m gonna play epic titles like Titanfall and Rise of The Tomb Raider and all the amazing titles just recently revealed!
    Anthony Wyatt

  106. Agenia Chaney says:

    I am a gamer not because I don’t have a life but because I chose to have many. Video games aspire us to be heroes. They teach us that there is many obstacles in life’s stages but you have to keep fighting to reach the end. You may fail, but you keep trying until you get there! So keep searching every castle until you find your princess. Avoid arrows to the knee though. Scream Leroy Jenkins and rush right in, because life is too short, and It’s dangerous to go alone. And sooner than you may like it’s game over…

    Agenia Chaney

  107. Shane Sarte says:

    All your base are belong to us

  108. kevin carr says:

    Happy birthday I’d love to play Destiny on the xbox one and titan fall and win or lose ill still support you cuz your a beautiful cosplayer my emails Kevinthebear@Gmail. Com

  109. Robert Shaw says:

    Destiny, yep that’s the game we should play together, killing all the things in story mode, and takin names in the Crucible. It’s brilliant, you and me, there’s no way anyone could beat us, the only thing better than that would be doing it every week. Tell me that doesn’t sound like a good night! XD

  110. Rick Nall says:

    Happy Birthday Callie!

    I believe that it is your “Destiny” to become one of the cosplay greats, since we’ve all watched you “Evolve” over the years in your cosplay and photography, from the characters who wear a “Halo” to those that portray “The Evil Within”. I’m sure your future props and characters will “Shape Up” to be amazing!

    Have a great birthday and remember to have fun and “Just Dance!”

  111. Antonio Macias says:

    I would like to win just to play with ya, and to get the games that will be coming soon. as for a quotes….one of my fav ones comes from Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World. “Courage is the magic that turns dreams into realty.” something for everyone to think about ya?

  112. alyson gagne says:

    In fact winning the xbox one would be awesome (cause i never got any console except my nin64 !)
    but i want the prints more than anything !! The first prize would be even better cause all my friends are playing on that and im now alone on my pc games – -. I dont leave near them because of school and stuff so we would be able to have good time through distance !

    Hope youll find a good winner and im always here to support you sweety !

  113. Bill Melcher says:

    I think you should cosplay as Zelda in memorial of Robin Williams.

    Bill Melcher

  114. Tom Melgaard says:

    “a winner is you!” (Pro Wrestling, NES 1987)

  115. bsvang1192 says:

    What kind of sink does Superman’s house have?
    A superbowl! HA! ahhh I crack myself up……yeah I’ll see myself out.

    Brandon Vang

  116. Bo DeBruin says:

    Can’t wait to try out Titanfall on the Xbox One!

  117. Chris says:

    I wish the Konami code worked in real life.

    Xenu (Chris) Prime

  118. Ricardo Larraín says:

    Ricardo Larraín A.

  119. Juan says:

    Shoryuken !!!!

  120. Josh Demmer says:

    People say I’m like Gordon Freeman because I never talk, but that must also mean it’s hard to get him to shut up after four Captain & Cokes.

    Happy birthday

  121. Katie Ellgass says:

    Vi-de-o game girls, they’re unstoppable
    Over sized sweats and t-shirts on top
    Goin for the win, we’ll melt your face off

    Vi-de-o game girls,
    Smart, fun, nerdy- achievement unlocked
    Ga-mers represent, show em who’s boss

    So I said to my sister, “look I’m writing a gamer girl version of California girls!” And she says “well they already have that gamer girl song up on YouTube” and she informed me that this idea has already been thought up… But I don’t wanna go back and erase my awesome song… So you get a special version made by a random gamer girl!!

    Katie Ellgass :3

  122. Would you kindly?….Pick me for the first place prize? 🙂 Happy Belated Bday Callie!

  123. Ruben Fox says:

    I asked if you were Kat Dennings on your page.
    I love your work and hope to see you in south florida:)
    And thank you for the birthday shots.

  124. Jason says:

    Being it’s a birthday bash I’m gunna go with
    GlaDOS: “This is your fault. I’m going to kill you. And all the cake is gone. You don’t even care, do you?”
    Happy b day from down under
    Jason Rigby

  125. Chris says:

    Currently playing all of the Bioshock games again because they’re so great! I can’t wait for the Master Chief collection and sunset overdrive though! Happy gaming!
    Chris De Jesus

  126. Erik says:

    Wishing you an amazing birthday filled with smiles Miss Callie! Been a long time since I have played a console game, but it may be time to get my Street Fighting skills back in order 🙂

  127. John Chaney says:

    Here is a few things video games has taught me.. Pac-man – Eat all the food and don’t get caught… Mario – You want to obtain money, power, and women.. Zelda – It’s okay if the story isn’t named after you, you can still be the hero. Also, avoid chickens. Mario Kart – When driving avoid litter, animals, and stay on the road… Mortal Kombat – it’s okay to fight back… MMOs – Everyone who is better than you has no life and everyone worse is a noob… and in general do your best. Not everything can be accomplished alone. Our biggest enemy can be ourselves.Focus on what you’re good at. It’s never too late to make things right. Hard work and commitment pays off. Never give up. You don’t need to be related to someone for them to be family. The right thing to do might not make you happy, but it’s the right thing to do. Explore. WIN.

    I have recently been playing the last of us and Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag on ps4. I would love to have an xbox one though. I also really like to play MMOs. I’ve been trying out hearthstone since I’m a WOW and Magic The Gathering fan. I would love to win anything from you Callie. You are a very lovely lady. Thanks for doing this contest. Happy Birthday.

    John Chaney

  128. Richard Dolihan says:

    Happy birthday, gorgeous!

    I’m super excited about the Diablo games hitting console again, but for now I’ll just cling to World Of Warcraft, and wait for the Iron Horde! WOO!

    Richard Dolihan

  129. Jose Ruiz says:

    I never though of buying a Xbox One, but I will love to win one, but i’ll be happy on just getting some of your awesome cosplay prints and Happy Birthday Callie!

  130. Brian Lee says:

    “Our Creed does not command us to be free. It commands us to be wise.” Altair, Assassin’s Creed

  131. Shane Thomason says:

    It’s dangerous to go alone, take this Callie <3<3<3!!
    Shane Thomason

  132. “Its no good, I can’t do it!”

    Shane Ward Jr

  133. nikhil balvir says:

    happy birthday callie love ur cosplay and you <3 …… every game as if it is your last one…play have fun and enjoy the game,hope to win xbox one didn't play a good game after 2012 cause lack of console and pc,first game iwant to play is assasin creed unity on xbox one …

  134. Will Fleming says:

    I don’t need to win. I just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday and share my joy that you recovered and are healthy! You are a truly beautiful person on the inside and out and I only hope for the best for you at all times.

  135. Michele D. says:

    Happy Birthday!!! I hope your birthday was filled with some retro Crash Bandicoot and Banjo Kazooie gaming with a Rock Band themed cake!

    (From Michele at missmaryra at yahoo dot com)

  136. Ivan Matijaš says:

    Probably too late to enter, but what the heck:
    “You crack me up, little buddy.” Sam (Sam & Max)

  137. RickM says:

    Happy birthday. Video Games/Cosplay…yeah buddy 🙂

  138. RickM says:

    Forgot the email. Rick Mesta. :/
    Yay video games!

  139. Oscar says:

    Feliz cumpleaños!!!!! (HB) let´s play something in xbox one 🙂 and well i still wanna draw you i hope soon soon we cola together… that could be a nice gift for your birthday… anyways pásala muy bien y que tengas un bonito día!!!! y bueno si gano ya estaremos jugando xbox después XD

  140. my dear callie, you said game related comment, so i’ll say that i personnally found final fantasy series are the most wonderfull ever. they’re and have always been inovative, extraordinary addictive and charismatic, with great stories and such emotionnal <3
    and i must add you're one of the very most beautifull, talented and nice ladies i ever knew in cosplay and really hoppe to see you in a french convention one day :$
    ps: name nicolas pageot, as on fb, my mail is , and i'd be honored to win any of the lots, but i'd prefer to have the first of third one, c ya 🙂

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